PT. Pelni (Persero)

Komite Resiko PELNI

The establishment of Risk Policy Committee is part of the Company’s initiative to strengthen monitoring practice over risk management policy and system in the Company as part of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) implementation. In relation with the GCG Implementation, role and function of Risk Policy Committee becomes very strategic to help and improve the role of Board of Commissioners in exercising supervisory function.

The Risk Policy Committee members are appointed and discharged by the Board of Commissioners and reported to the GMS. Serving period of the Risk Policy Committee member shall not be longer than serving period of the Board of Commissioners according to provisions in the Articles of Association an d may be reappointed for 1 (one) next period. In implementing duty and responsibility, The Risk Policy Committee members shall be independent, objective and professional.

The guideline for implementing the  Risk Policy Committee function listed in the Risk Policy Committee Charter which regulates the formation & membership of the Risk Policy Committee, duties, authorities & responsibilities, codes of ethics, meeting & funding mechanisms of the Risk Policy Committee

Risk Policy Committee Duties:

  1. Provide input to the Board of Commissioners regarding the preparation of risk management improvements related to risk control all areas of the company prior to the approval of the Board of Commissioners
  2. Discuss with Board of Directors or unit of works related to risk management, if necessary
  3. Study, reviewing policies and regulations on risk management policies made by the Board of Directors
  4. Conduct a periodic review of the risk management policies and their implementation guidelines as well as all the changes and adjustments to the risk management policies;
  5. . To evaluate the models and validity of the data used to measure the risk ;
  6. Delivering input to the Board of Commissioners on matters that receives attention and which needs to be discussed with the Board of Directors, so could be followed up from the evaluation of the risk management by the Risk Policy Commi