Emphasizing the Success of Transformation, Minister of BUMN Inaugurates PELNI's New Logo

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) officially launched a new logo along with a new tagline "We Connect, We Unify".


Beautified, KM Sinabung Owned by PELNI Ready to Become Free Accommodation at the ASEAN Sum

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) ensures that KM Sinabung is ready to succeed in holding the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo, NTT, 6-12 Ma


The presence of PELNI is very much needed by the Mentawai Islands Regency Community

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) is present for the people of the Mentawai Islands Regency through KM Belt Nusantara (Sanus) 6


Minister of Transportation and Deputy Minister of SOEs Witness Firsthand the Sophisticatio

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) ensures that the Eid 2023 transportation service has run according to the Government's expectations.


PELNI Transports Hundreds of Homecoming Travelers Using KM Dorolonda to Batam, Free!

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) dispatched 150 travelers for free from the Nusantara Passenger Terminal of Tanjung Priok Port using KM Dorolonda for Jakarta-Batam destinations.


In anticipation of running out, PELNI urges travelers to immediately order tickets

PT PELNI (Persero) again appeals to people who want to go home on the PELNI Ship to immediately order tickets. Purchase of PELNI Ship tickets until H-1 Eid 1444 H has sold over 50 percent.


Assuring the Smooth Flow of Homecoming to Return, PELNI Issues Pioneer Vessel Schedules on

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) guarantees that pioneer ship services in the East Java region during the Eid 2023 transportation period will run smoothly.


Ahead of Eid 1444 H Transportation, PELNI Predicts to Transport 600 Thousand Passengers

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) predicts the number of passengers will reach 604,183 during the Eid 1444 H year 2023 transportation period.


PELNI Group Sends Aid to Victims of the Serasan Natuna Landslide

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia OR PT PELNI (Persero) sent relief goods to victims of floods and landslides in Serasan District, Natuna Regency, Riau Islands